Company Overview

Baytex is a leading international designer and manufacturer of Marquees, Alloy-framed Structures, Fabric Architecture, Canopies, Tents and Lining Systems. With over 30 years of world-wide experience, Baytex has built a reputation for quality, simplicity and design innovation. Baytex is held in high regard for our:

• range of premium quality products
• ease and speed of installation
• simplicity, performance and design
• commitment to after-sales service and support

The Baytex Glamping Story

In 2012 Baytex were approached by two budding entrepreneurs about the idea of glamping and the concept for their Canopy Camping Business and subsequently contracted to design and manufacture their first ever glamping tent. Since then this relationship has blossomed, as has the number of Canopy Campsites available and Glamping Tents required to service these sites…

Through working closely with Canopy Camping Escapes and listening to the needs of their clients, as well as drawing from our vast experience in the Tent Industry, Baytex Manufacturing has been able to design, develop, refine and manufacture 5 Models of Glamping Tent for the Canopy Camping Escapes Brand:

• The ‘Canopy Deluxe’ Glamping Tent
• The ‘Canopy Lite’ Glamping Tent
• The ‘Canopy Pole’ Glamping Tent
• The ‘Canopy Sleeper’ Glamping Tent
• The ‘Canopy Pup’ Glamping Tent
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These 5 models are all based around the design of the original Glamping Tent, ALL utilising the off-white poly/cotton (65/35) fire retardant canvas, an Australian made fabric produced especially for Baytex Glamping Tents and believed to be the only polycotton fabric on the market with a FR Rating.

As well as offering these 5 standard models, Baytex is fully equipped to accommodate customised and unique designs utilising a wide range of materials for a wide range of conditions.

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